Digital Specifications

Creative constructed in standard web-image formats, such as GIF, JPEG, PNG or HTML5 executions of any of the dimensions listed below are considered standard banner ads. Such creative may be hosted by Australian Doctor Group’s internal adserving system or delivered via JavaScript redirect tags hosted by a third party ad-serving vendor.


IAB Display Advertising Guidelines
IAB Australia’s best practices

Display Banner Specifications

For more detailed rules please refer to Australian Doctor Group’s Digital Guidelines

Name Dimensions
(w x h) px
Base File Weight Rich File Weight File Format A.K.A.
MREC 300×250 100 KB 100 KB
(2MB polite load)
Third party tags
Medium Rectangle, medrec, mpu
Leaderboard 728×90  
Mobile Leaderboard 320×50 80 KB  
Super Leaderboard 970×90 120 KB  
Tower 300×600 Half Page, Double MREC
Pushdown 970×90
250 KB GIF, JPG, PNG,   
Skins Custom** 150 KB N/A JPG, PNG Gutters, Take over
Inline Video 960×540 min 200 MB 5MB
(if VAST tag)
or VAST tags

*The creative starts as the smaller size and expands to the larger size upon hover.
**The size varies slightly per site, please check with your Campaign Manager.

HTML5 Deliverables
When supplying HTML5 files, in addition, please always supply a backup image (JPG, PNG, GIF) of the same dimensions to cater for devices that may not support HTML5.

Where can this run?
The above standard display banners are available on all Australian Doctor Group properties.

Lead Times
A five business day lead time is required for standard banners with an additional two days for rich media implementations.