The changing media market

Bryn McGeever, Managing Director of Australian Doctor Group, discusses the changing media market and what that means for our healthcare publications.

Print engagement holds whilst online engagement grows.

This week sees the publication of the annual MPA readership survey – a survey designed to measure the readership of print publications within the Australian healthcare media marketplace. Although the market has changed, the undeniable strength of print is clear to see.

4 of the 6 titles in market still have an average issue readership (AIR) of over 60% of GPs with Australian Doctor retaining its number 1 position with 72%.

Both main journals performed well with 69% of GPs reading them on a monthly basis, and closing the gap on weekly Australian Doctor. This shouldn’t come of too much of a shock as reference journals have a very specific role to play in communicating long-form and complex ideas which naturally lend themselves to a print format.

Australian Doctor and Medical Observer, by contrast, play in an entirely different field, that of political and clinical news. As the survey shows weekly newspaper Australian Doctor holds up well with well-established busy GPs (81% AIR) and high prescribers (80% AIR) as well as being read in huge depth (55% of GPs read half or all of each issue).

What this means is Australian Doctor alone is read by 15,620 GPs every week, with each journal reaching just under 4,000 over the same period.

It is also clear that younger GPs are finding other sources of news information. This would be apparent for anyone who owns a phone or knows anyone under 40, you don’t wait a day to buy a newspaper to tell you what happened yesterday, you use your phone.

For more than five years The Australian Doctor group has been building a suite of cross-platform (print and digital) products over multiple brands to ensure we reach the right people, with the right content at the right time. There are now 8 X as many subscriptions to ADG as 10 years ago and span 6 touch points.

Changing Media Market

As an industry weathervane, the bar on the left shows how Australian Doctor Group (ADG) engaged GPs 10 years ago – only through a highly engaging weekly print paper. The stacked bar on the right shows how ADG engages them now through two complementary print products, a digital GP network, online education, social and an annual series of educational events.

Print over this period has increased with the addition of Medical Observer to the portfolio, and now the two work to complement each other with a weekly political and clinical and newspaper leading seamlessly into a deep-dive opinion and feature lead monthly magazine.

It is vital for the healthcare market that there is a true multi-platform portfolio, this is what ADG has spent the last 5 years building and will continue to invest in order to be there for the changing needs of both readers and clients.


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