How to make education stand out

Last triennium, more than 11,000 RACGP-accredited education activities targeted GPs! Given the abundance of activities to choose from, strategies that help your educational activities stand out from the rest are essential.

Australian Doctor Group (ADG) recently ran a seminar series called “The Breathless Patient – is it the heart, the lungs or both”, which received an overall educational quality rating from GPs of 4.4/5. Here are our top 5 strategies that made this seminar a success.

Relevance – why pitch needs to be perfect

With 100% of the GP participants rating this seminar as relevant to their practice, it’s a reminder of the importance of pitching the information at the right level. Without being too academic, the information needs to be evidence-based, up-to-date and applicable to a GP’s consultation, which often deals with multiple comorbidities in a tight time frame.

Pulling in the experts

The key to keeping the education content relevant to a general practice audience is an engaging GP facilitator. We deliberately choose specialists who are leaders in their field as our expert presenters; they are often affiliated with a university or have a personal interest in and passion for educating others.

Case studies – when theory is not enough

The aim of any educational activity is not only to impart knowledge and improve skills, but also to create a change in behaviour or attitudes. Providing the opportunity to apply knowledge via practical case studies, interactive discussions and question time is imperative. The reinforcing activity, which is completed back in the practice, also helps consolidate learning.

Amplification – how video is a steroid for seminars

To reach as many GPs as possible, filming key messages from each of the presentations and creating a short video emailed to our database of GPs via e-newsletters is an ideal way to amplify the messages. Following this seminar of 300 GPs across three cities, a further 3,100 GPs viewed our three short videos, boosting GP reach by 900% at minimal cost. The content for the seminar was also used as the basis for an online pharmacist education module.

RACGP or ACRRM accreditation

College points are a draw card, and are a good indicator of quality, independent education. For the 2017–2019 triennium, after the mandatory RACGP PLAN activity (40 points) and CPR refresher (5 points), GPs only need to earn an additional 85 CPD points over the three-year period. With so many activities available and a reduced amount of CPD points to be gathered, it’s more important than ever that your educational activity stands out from the rest!

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