New Medical Observer Website Features

New features for Medical Observer website

Medical Observer has been getting an update recently, with the introduction of blogs and the roll out of infinite scroll. Read on to learn more about why we chose these features, and how they’re performing so far.

Blogs - Medical Observer

Here’s a statistic to think about: 84% of online consumers seek out and trust recommendations from peers as opposed to direct brand marketing.

Doctors are no different. The question is, how to capitalise on that trend in an authentic way and deliver engaging content. 

Medical Observer has evolved to incorporate a blogging platform to allow peer-to-peer conversations between GPs and specialists – and the results are stellar. Here’s why:

Why are we doing it?

  • Doctors like hearing from both their peers, and key opinion leaders (KOLs) that they look up to
  • More content and variation helps the Medical Observer recommendation engine serve up more relevant article suggestions
  • Increase visit frequency, through users responding to blog notification emails
  • Allows GPs to interact with specialists, which has been identified as a key area of interest by readers


New features for Medical Observer - Blogs

You can view the current list of bloggers and their posts by clicking here.

Infinite Scroll - Medical Observer

Infinite scroll is a new feature designed to encourage Medical Observer readers to easily view multiple articles when visiting the website.


Nearly 90% of our readers land direct on an article page. One of the key challenges we’ve had is getting these people to read a 2nd or 3rd article in that session.

We’ve employed tactics such as ‘Related Content’ widgets, ‘Most Popular’ widgets, and in-article links, with varying degrees of success.

New features for Medical Observer - Infinite Scroll

The Change

When the reader gets to the bottom of an article they will see another article immediately below it. This process is repeated, making it much easier for our audience to consume multiple articles in one session. Currently, we’re testing various criteria for ordering content, including chronology, category and recommended (based on a mixture of criteria).

Scrolling, instead of clicking, is also a superior user experience for mobile users.

New features for Medical Observer - Infinite Scroll

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