PRIME Awards 2019 winners: the complete list

The 15th annual PRIME Awards saw some of the best and the brightest in the pharmaceutical and media industries come together to celebrate their achievements in healthcare communications.

Hard work, creativity and innovation paid off for a record number of finalists who walked the red carpet on Thursday night at Sydney’s Four Season’s Hotel.

But there could only be 17 winners.

Hosted by multi award winning comedian Urzila Carlson, the evening kicked off with her typical dry wit before taking a different tack with an opening address by Elizabeth de Somer, CEO of Medicines Australia, on progress in the pharmaceutical industry.

AstraZeneca was the biggest winner on the night, scoring the top gong across three major categories.

A productive partnership with McCann Health resulted in the pharma giant nabbing the Creativity in Communication – Prescription award for Zoladex’s “Great Wall of Undies” campaign from five nominations.

AstraZeneca also took home the award for Best PR Campaign and won the top spot in a new category, Sustained Excellence in Bettering Patient Outcomes which recognised the Lung Foundation’s enduring campaign by LIFE agency.

Hot on AstraZeneca’s heels was Gilead, who in collaboration with Ward6 won two awards including the coveted Marketing Campaign of the Year gong.

Other pharma companies who dominated the proceedings were Mylan who scooped up two major awards, along with Servier, Otsuka, Amgen, Bristol-Myers Squib and Biogen who each won first place in one of the 17 categories.

Full list of PRIME Award winners 2019

Category:                  Best Public Health Initiative

Winner:                       Amgen for REFRAME Osteoporosis

Judges’ words:         “Clear, simple and effective … highly attuned to the needs of both patients and medical practitioners.”

Highly commended: TAL Spotchecker – TAL

Category:                  Corporate Social Responsibility

Winners:                     Bristol-Myers Squibb, Palin Communications and Biointelect

Judges’ words:         “A proactive approach to shaping debate around the role of patients in decisions about medicine reimbursement.”

Category:                  Best Data-Driven Marketing Campaign

Winner:                       Mylan MyBusiness Health – Mylan & Digitas Health

Judges’ words:         “Demonstrated strong evidence of genuine financial benefits both to pharmacists and patients.”

Category:                  Marketing Campaign of the Year

Winners:                     Gilead Sciences and Ward6 for Biktarvy “The Beauty of What’s Possible”

Judges’ words:         “Nailed a very challenging brief, showing great results and achieving seamless integration with HCP material.”

HC:                              Neulasta – Cracking conventions to help cancer patients live longer – Amgen & Ward6

Category:                  Excellence in Education

Winners:                     Hahn Healthcare for simGP Pain Management Workshops

Judges’ words:         “Clever and thoughtful and a fabulous tool for GP education.”

Category:                  NGO of the Year

Winner:                       EndoActive

HC:                              MS Research Australia

Judges’ words:         “Continues to drive progress and awareness in an area that has been overlooked for too long.”

Category:                  Best PR Campaign

Winner:                       AstraZeneca and LIFE Agency for the Lung Foundation’s “Making Lung Cancer a Fair Fight: A Blueprint for Reform”

Judges’ words:         “Highlighted serious issues and drives genuine social change for a misunderstood patient group.”

Category:                  Marketing Innovation

Winner:                       Australian Doctor Group for AccessPLUS

Judges’ words:         “A pioneering and innovative platform amid a fundamental shift in the sales call market.”

Category:                  Launch of the Year

Winner:                       Gilead Sciences and Ward6 for Biktarvy “The Beauty of what’s possible”

HC:                              Seremind Launch – Menarini

Judges’ words:         “Deeply impressed by the seamlessness of the execution … driving impact and awareness.”

Category:                  Sales Team of the Year

Winners:                     Nephrology Specialty Team – Otsuka and FarmaForce

Judges’ words:         “Fantastic initiatives that were highly effective across both internal and external stakeholders.”

HC:                              Mylan Business Coaches – Mylan & Digitas Health

Category:                  Sales Representative of the Year

Winner:                       Francesca Sutton – Biogen

Judges’ words:         “Francesca stood out for her focus on both GPs and patients. Her entry showcased growing recommendations.”

HC:                              Cherie Walford – Biogen

Category:                  GPs’ Choice: Pharma Company of the Year

Winner:                       Servier            

Category:                  Pharmacists’ Choice: Pharma Company of the Year

Winner:                       Mylan

Category:                  Creativity in Communication – Prescription

Winners:                     AstraZeneca and McCann Health for Zoladex: The Great Wall of Undies

Judges’ words:         “Loved the thinking and structure behind this high-quality, highly creative campaign.”

Category:                  Creativity in Communication – OTC

Winners:                     Proctor & Gamble and McCann Health for The Turd we Deserve

Judges’ words:         “The creativity and skilled use of humour made an uncomfortable topic accessible.”

Category:                  Excellence in Patient/Customer Support

Winner:                       Prince of Wales Hospital and Deloitte for DeloitteASSIST

Judges’ words:         “Couldn’t fault this fantastic program which optimises new technology to change the way hospitals are run.”         

Category:                  Sustained Excellence in Bettering Patient Outcomes

Winner:                       Lung Foundation Australia, AstraZeneca and LIFE Agency for Lung Cancer Stigma Campaign

Judges’ words:         “A brilliantly executed campaign which tackled a challenging task with a detailed and strategic approach.”

HC:                              Bayer and Atlantis Healthcare for SmartSight Patient Support Program

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