Social Media and Medical News: what’s driving social traffic?

Social Media and Medical News

Sometimes, it seems that ‘social’ is the marketing buzzword of 2016. Everywhere you look, you’re being told: YOU NEED TO BE ON SOCIAL.

It’s easy to see why. Across our GP mastheads, traffic from Facebook has increased more than 155% compared to in 2015. These days, Facebook is the way a growing number people get their news – and as we know already, GPs are people too!

So, it’s obvious why social is a key part of any media or marketing strategy. But what do HCPs want to see and engage with while they’re on Facebook?

Breaking it down

We had a look at the top 10 stories from Australian Doctor, Medical Observer, and 6minutes that received the most traffic from Facebook in the month to 24 October 2016, and sorted them into five core categories: Medicolegal, Teaming, Professional, Medical, and Personal.


Top Facebook Stories by type

This graph clearly shows that on Facebook, GPs have an appetite for professional news. When something directly impacts on your work or your livelihood, it’s compelling enough to make you take action.

The second most popular category is medical news. A common theme with these stories is that they challenge doctors’ knowledge (scroll to the bottom of the page for all headlines).

Addressing a knowledge gap is a great way to engage your audience – curiosity and the need to fill that gap is a powerful motivator.

Top Stories by Masthead

These next images show how many stories from the five categories appeared in the top 10 for each website.

Australian Doctor Top Facebook Stories

Australian Doctor had the widest range of content, but overwhelmingly it was Professional stories that took out the most spots.

Medical Observer Top Facebook Stories

On Medical Observer, Professional news stories narrowly missed the top spot. Personal stories showed up the most, and with the introduction of a blog feature to the site it seems that demand for this type of content will continue to grow.

6minutes Top Facebook Stories

Interestingly, 6minutes had no personal or teaming articles make the top 10. However, it was the only one of the three sites where medical news stories completely dominated the list.

Key Takeaways

The take-home message is know your audience.

Within the GP community, there’s a wide range of individuals, with varying interests, needs, and motivations. It’s easy to lump them all together as ‘GPs’, but in the end you’re doing yourself (and them!) a disservice.

Get to know what speaks to your audience, and focus on delivering quality experiences – through social, as well as your other marketing channels.

Ashleigh Gardiner is Digital Marketing Manager at Australian Doctor Group, and will be speaking at PRIME Academy this November – CLICK HERE to learn more about the event.

See all headlines for top stories from Facebook below:

[vc_row][vc_column][cq_vc_todolist header=”Top articles from Facebook: Australian Doctor” headercolor=”#ffffff” headerbackground=”#000000″ icon=”fa-stethoscope,fa-money,fa-hospital-o,fa-ambulance,fa-child,fa-user-md,fa-medkit,fa-usd,fa-beer ,fa-pie-chart” iconcolor=”” isclickable=”no” itembg=”border”]

Med students looking to become GPs rather than surgeons
Practice fined $40K for not paying IMG
Midwife-led care less safe, review reveals
Paramedics to be registered by AHPRA
9 common kids’ conditions medical students don’t see
I’m proud to be ‘just a GP’
10 more tests for GPs to avoid in Red Book 9.0
GP registrars’ salaries frozen
Old drug proves promising for chronic alcoholism
Bulk billing rates down to 69% claims college

[/cq_vc_todolist][vc_empty_space][cq_vc_todolist header=”Top articles from Facebook: Medical Observer” headercolor=”#ffffff” headerbackground=”#000000″ icon=”fa-gavel ,fa-leaf ,fa-fire-extinguisher ,fa-medkit,fa-coffee,fa-question-circle ,fa-heartbeat ,fa-user-md,fa-laptop,fa-exclamation-circle” iconcolor=”” isclickable=”no” itembg=”border”]

A charming patient tried to sue me. Here’s what I learnt.
Inside the complementary medicine bid to oust Dr Ken Harvey
GPs treat patients in car park after clinic was torched
8 key changes in the new red book
In the conference bubble, it’s all about the coffee
Opioid dependence: GPs top questions answered
How to cope with heart sink patients
I’m a GP who enjoys seeing drug reps
Trial of computers vs doctors shows there’s no real contest
Anti-vax nurses and midwives put on notice

[/cq_vc_todolist][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][cq_vc_todolist header=”Top articles from Facebook: 6minutes” headercolor=”#ffffff” headerbackground=”#000000″ icon=”fa-leaf,fa-female,fa-child,fa-coffee,fa-thumbs-o-up,fa-money,fa-smile-o,fa-hospital-o,fa-medkit,fa-gift” iconcolor=”” isclickable=”no” itembg=”border”]

Cancer patient jailed over cannabis
IVF cuts birth defect risk in older women
Kids cannabis trials ‘unethical’
5 evidence based reasons to drink coffee
8 new things to know about caffeine
UQ researcher faces trial over fraud charges
Curcumin, a natural antidepressant
Neurosurgeon botches surgery then misleads patient
Fracture patients often stay on risky drugs
Cosmetic surgeons bemoan botox parties


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