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At ADG, we specialise in engaging with Australian healthcare professionals and working with our clients to deliver the right solution to reach their target audience. Using the full spectrum of our audience touch points, we can offer integrated and immersive campaigns that stand out from the crowd.

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Get your message in front of over 20,000 HCPs a week through premium print and digital advertising across the leading media brands in healthcare. We have a range of innovative ad placements to ensure your brand is front of mind.


Leaders in content marketing

Engage our audience

We can create and distribute market-leading content that engages doctors with your message. We are experts in creating content across a rich array of formats to ensure maximum engagement.


Inform, educate and entertain

Medical Education

Make your education stand out by using us as your independent provider. We offer practical, relevant and patient focused medical education in the form of CPD accredited online modules, clinical audits, face-to-face seminars and how-to-treat quizzes.

Data shaping behaviour

GP Insights

Tap into the invaluable insights that our audience can give you and make sure you stay on the pulse of issues facing healthcare professionals. We know how to talk to this audience and ensure rapid and reliable responses.

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