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For over 40 years, the AusDoc family of brands have kept doctors informed with independent news, opinion, clinical features and CPD-accredited education, providing a trusted platform for the pharmaceutical industry to connect with the medical community through our products and services.

We believe doctors are one of the cornerstones of the Australian health system and recognise that quality care is a major determinant of the health & wellbeing of a society.

We believe that as medicine becomes more complex and collaborative, that a connected community that harnesses the combined knowledge and commitment of the medical and pharmaceutical industry will better empower all doctors to provide the best healthcare to help Australians live healthier, longer lives.

Reach and HCP Engagement

With over 82% of GPs and 60K highly engaged prescribers, AusDoc is the #1 community platform for the Australian Healthcare Industry.

Number 1

GP Readership Survey of Independent Australian Medical Publications

Over 330 GPs vote AusDoc #1 in Print, Online & Newsletters

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When it comes to finding and engaging with Australian doctors, AusDoc remains the clear leader among all independent medical publications. AusDoc delivers the highest reach and engagement of any independent medial media publication in Australia.

This is further supported by a recent survey sent to over 26K AHPRA verified GPs registered on AusDoc, over 330 GPs answered questions about their engagement levels with a number of different medical publications across print, website and newsletters.

This is what they said.

AusDoc #1 in Website Engagement

When it comes to daily and weekly digital engagement, the AusDoc website dominates with the vast majority of traffic. 41% of GPs said they visit AusDoc each day, with over 71% visiting at least weekly. This compares to only 12% and 22% respectively for The Medical Republic and even less for AJGP or Medicine Today.

“[AusDoc] provides the most up to date information relating to general practice in Australia” said one GP.

When asked why they chose AusDoc as their most preferred source, doctors highlighted:

  • AusDoc has “reliable unbiased news”, is “… concise and relevant” and “… feels easier to read”.
  • It provides a “… wide range of relevant articles, encompassing politics, clinical matters, humour, opinion”.
  • Another liked the “tips, issues relating to current GP practice, Medicare updates and clinical knowledge checks” as why they come so often.

AusDoc #1 in Newsletter Engagement

This preference for AusDoc channels continued into high engagement levels for its newsletters, with 44% of GPs surveyed reading an AusDoc newsletter every day.

When asked why, one doctor said, “I like the daily [AusDoc] emails that keep me up to date with the latest news – politically, educationally” while another highlighted the “Straightforward information targeted to my needs as a GP”.

Australian Doctor Magazine is #1 in Readership

In print, Australian Doctor magazine remains the clear #1 for GPs to read. The results showed Australian Doctor magazine has the highest levels of readership with over 71% of GPs reading it in the last month compared to only 37% in the last fortnight for The Medical Republic.

Australian Doctor magazine readers are more likely to read every issue with 45% of Australian Doctor magazine readers reading every issue compared to only 19% for TMR, while they also read more of each edition, when compared to all other publications in the study.

Source: Similarweb and SEM Rush (September 2023); AusDoc survey of Independent Australian Medical Publications sent to +26K GPs registered on AusDoc. Results based on n=337 AHPRA Verified GPs who completed the survey. November 2023

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Leading Brands Doctors Know Trust

The leading brands doctors know and trust

ADG has the leading brands in medical media as a result of our award-winning journalism, clinical expertise and editorial excellence. These brands have built a loyal audience over 40 years and continually look to evolve and meet the informational needs of GPs. Learn more about our engaged audience here.

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#1 Community Platform for the Australian Healthcare Industry

AusDoc has evolved to be a place where all doctors can connect and collaborate for a more integrated medical community. Doctors can post questions to their network, start and follow discussions, join forum discussions and even collaborate with their peers on topics that matter to them.


Australian Doctor

Australia’s most read publication, provides expert daily news coverage of the forces shaping the professional lives of Australian GPs, both clinical and professional.


Medical Observer

The latest doctor-written commentary and analysis on the forces shaping general practice and the wider medical profession.



Sharp medical news summaries from Australia and overseas, delivered to doctors every morning at 6am.

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How to Treat

Weekly CPD-accredited clinical articles, written by experts in their field. Provides GPs with current best practice on managing a range of diseases.

Partner with AusDoc

Join AusDoc on our mission to engage and educate doctors, providing them with better access to the critical clinical and industry information they need to provide the best possible care to their patients.

If that’s something important to you, then give us a call to discuss how we can grow together.

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RxTro replaces manual pharma industry appointment booking systems with a fully digital solution that allows the practice to control who, when and how often reps can see the doctors.

With 82% of GPs 90% of reps, AusDoc and RxTro have partnered to deliver the first truly omnichannel solution for pharma to better engage and support Australian doctors.

Find out how you can increase your customer touch points six-fold and turn them into sales leads for your reps.

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Rock8 Science

Rock8 Science is a solutions focused Healthcare Consulting firm with over 150yrs of combined strategic and operational experience.

The partnership with Rock8 Science enables AusDoc to bring its digitally led omnichannel engagement platform to more pharma clients and help them to better inform and support doctors with the right information in a time, place and format that suits them.

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