At ADG, we specialise in creating digital marketing solutions that engage Australian healthcare professionals, working in partnership with you to deliver the right message and channel strategy to reach and engage your target audience.

Whether you are looking for lead generation to support your face-to-face sales teams, brand awareness to support the launch of a new product, increase HCP engagement via 24/7 digital marketing campaigns that deliver national reach, or bespoke messaging via highly targeted campaigns, we can help.

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Create Brand Awareness

  • Rich brand display media
  • Product hooks
Adg20imagery Solutions Drive Engagement

Drive Engagement 

  • Self-detailing
  • Product microsites
Adg20imagery Solutions Create Leads

Generate Leads

  • Qualified leads for sales reps
  • Build your HCP database
  • Facilitate meetings & events
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Clinical Education & Content

  • Independent content
  • Sponsored content
  • Self-directed education
Product Awareness Reach

Product Awareness & Reach

Establishing the required level of product awareness and reach is critical to the success of any new or existing product.

With 82% of Australian GPs, ADG offers the #1 reach of any independent medical publication, through AusDoc, the #1 communication platform for the Australian Healthcare Industry, including access to all AusDoc masthead newsletters such as Australian Doctor, Medical Observer, 6minutes, Australian Specialist and more. 

Integrated digital HCP self-detailing

Through Access.PLUS, ADG can provide targeted campaigns that enable you to provide the right information to the right doctor at the right time based on your specific objectives.

In addition to any face-to-face field activity, digital solutions play a critical role as they can deliver national reach and 24/7 access in a more cost-effective manner.

This is critical, as a recent ADG case study has shown that 62% of GP engagement with pharma content via Access.PLUS takes place outside of the traditional working day.

Integrated Digital Hcp Self Detailing

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Nationwide Reach

Access.PLUS is Australia’s leading self-detailing platform with an AHPRA verified subscriber base of over 60,847 prescribers

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Always-on 24/7

Available 24/7 – 365 for Doctors to access pharma information whenever and wherever best suits them.

Guarantee publication of your press release to GPs

Create awareness of your message with Australia’s largest and most engaged independent GP audience.

Publish the full version of your press release along with a picture on a bespoke landing page that you can further promote to Australia’s largest and most engaged independent GP audience. What you provide is what is published with no editing and no word limit.

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Digital Display

Increase your brand awareness and reach with AusDoc, the most read independent medical website and E-newsletter with GPs.

Our digital network offers an integrated suite of digital advertising solutions, allowing you to reach more GPs and other medical specialists, more frequently, every day.

Digital Display
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Print Media

When print and digital campaigns work together, brands can increase reach, drive deeper levels of engagement and critically, access harder to reach audiences. 

With 40-years of readership and trust, Australian Doctor magazine is the #1 magazine for GPs in Australia.

In print, Australian Doctor magazine remains the clear #1 for GPs to read. The results showed Australian Doctor magazine has the highest levels of readership, with over 71% of GPs having read it in the last month, compared with only 37% in the last fortnight for The Medical Republic.

AusDoc solus eDM’s – target your HCP audience with no distractions

Brands can reach AusDoc’s engaged GP audience with solus eDM’s designed to drive activation across product launches, exclusive offers, increase awareness or educational campaigns. Whatever your objectives, you can be sure that an AusDoc solus eDM will get you to your goal. 

With AusDoc solus eDM’s you are in control.

  • Drive brand awareness and SOV
  • Deliver brand key sales messages
  • Encourage in-depth engagement with digital assets/self-details
  • Distribute digital assets and downloads for daily use – guidelines, treatment algorithms, dosing tables etc.
  • Generate leads for sales, events, webinars and sample requests

Learn more about how AusDoc can help you achieve your goals.

Clinical Education

Developing and implementing an education campaign to doctors is critical if you are wanting to create awareness of a disease state, drug class or present new clinical data. To achieve this, there are two main forms of educational campaigns available.

Sponsored Content

Sponsored content is non-promotional and educational, designed to create awareness about a particular therapy area or other relevant agenda. It is unbranded and requires that all products in the category are included.

Distributed through all AusDoc masthead newsletters including Australian Doctor, Medical Observer and 6minutes in addition to the highly read AusDoc website.

Sponsored Content
Self Directed Cpd Education Solutions

Self-Directed CPD Education

Self-Directed CPD modules are unbranded educational content based on your education objectives and ensure doctors are receiving education that is most relevant to their learning needs. Once a doctor has viewed all the content and completed the module, including any quiz, they are eligible to earn CPD points.

Self-Directed CPD is distributed across the AusDoc platform in addition all AusDoc masthead newsletters including Australian Doctor, Medical Observer and 6minutes.

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