At last night’s prestigious PRIME Awards, leading healthcare media company, Australian Doctor Group, announced the launch of AccessPLUS, a bespoke digital sales channel for the pharmaceutical industry.

AccessPLUS facilitates branded sales material to run across ADG's digital network including Australian Doctor, Medical Observer, How to Treat, 6minutes, Specialist Updates and Pharmacy News.

The group now boasts a 41,000-plus user base of highly engaged healthcare professionals/prescribers, predominantly GPs.

ADG’s managing director, Bryn McGeever says AccessPLUS complements ADG’s successful advertising, content marketing and medical education business, whilst providing clients a distinct “distribution mechanism designed to deliver sales collateral and support their salesforce effort”.

“We know that GPs are increasingly time-poor and less reliant on sales reps with more than 35% now getting their information elsewhere, including online,” he says.

“AccessPLUS reaches an incredibly engaged healthcare professional audience with pharma’s own promotional messages whether it’s a sales aid, brand update or PBS announcement.

“In many ways it mirrors what a successful sales rep does in the field but provides access to those previously hard-to-reach doctors.”

Designed as a pay for performance model, AccessPLUS is a measurable and cost-effective way for clients to demonstrate ROI, Mr McGeever says.

“With shrinking pharma sales forces and dwindling interest from doctors in traditional sales techniques, we think AccessPLUS hits the sweet spot for both our clients and our audience.”

AccessPLUS launched online this month, with three large pharmaceutical partners already on board, using the platform to drive Q4 sales uplift, enable speed to market and access hard-to- reach GPs.