With news COVID-19 is now a pandemic, we understand businesses are, and will, face many challenges and increasing uncertainty in the coming weeks and months.

At ADG, we are doing our best to keep GPs and the wider healthcare professional community up to date on this unprecedented and evolving issue.

We are posting news as it happens and developing useful clinical resources to help ensure they have everything they need to continue to do their jobs as they come under immense pressure.

We are also aware that our customers’ ability to communicate with the medical community is being impacted.

Across the world, scores of face-to-face educational and industry events are being cancelled and postponed, and traditional direct rep access to doctors will be increasingly difficult.

Until this situation resolves, ADG can provide alternatives to face-to-face interactions that will allow customers to continue to educate and inform doctors.

ADG has 41,000 prescribers registered to its AusDoc.PLUS platform who are actively engaged with our digital products and services.

Whether it’s through webinars, online education modules or remote e-detailing, ADG can help customers bridge the gap.

Please contact us on 02 8484 0666 if we can help or click here to explore our solutions.

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See below how ADG is supporting the Australian doctor community:

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Coronavirus news feed: https://www.ausdoc.com.au/tag/coronavirus

Access to world map and stats: https://www.ausdoc.com.au/news/coronavirus-world-map-and-stats-live-updates