Key Successes

  • The campaign engaged over 525 GPs within five days of launch 
  • 83.8 of GPs intend to use the strategies they learnt via the campaign with a patient 
  • Australia wide distribution, removing any traditional geographic barriers 
  • 61% of GPs engaged with the content outside of traditional business hours 

The Problem to Solve

The campaign aimed to encourage GPs to learn evidence-based wellbeing and resilience skills and then teach these to patients. The approach was to build trust in the treatment by inviting the doctors to try the techniques for themselves and to share their new knowledge with patients once they had personal experience of the benefit. 

The Solution

ADG worked closely with the client, leading to the creation of three Access.PLUS eDetail pages to promote a seven-video series across three themes. One page had three videos and the others had two each. The videos in order of popularity were: 

  • Square Breathing
  • Self Care
  • Stress and your brain
  • Worry time
  • Managing strong emotions
  • Talking about what really matters
  • Smartphones for good

The Results

Engaging over 525 GPs within five days, the campaign quickly overachieved on its objectives, and illustrated the ability of digital GTM channels such as Access.PLUS to effectively engage and inform doctors.

In addition, over 60% of GPs engaged with the content outside of traditional business hours, at a time and place where traditional face-to-face rep engagement would not have been possible.

This response supports recent research that shows a strong trend towards GPs wanting to engage with pharmaceutical and other relevant medical research information digitally – at a time and in a place that suits them.


GP views


Hours of engagement


Positive feedback

Engagement Metrics:

  • Campaign KPIs hit in 5 days 
  • 60% growth in average email CTR  
  • 225% growth in website CTR  

Survey Results

  • 90% of respondents found the video/s they viewed informative 
  • 83.8 of doctors who responded intend to use the strategies with a patient 
  • 76.6% of doctors who responded intend to use the strategies on themselves   


This campaign exceeded expectations, showing that ADG’s 33,183 AHPRA-verified GPs value doctor initiated digital channels such as Access.PLUS self-detail pages and that the content on these pages can provide them with the information they need to feel confident to prescribe new products or treatments.  

In addition, the GPs were able to engage with campaign content where and when it suited them, with more than 60% of GPs engaging with the content outside of traditional sales reps’ regular working hours. 

The campaign results reinforce that digital channels such as Access.PLUS eNewletters and web distribution are highly effective go-to-market tools.  

Proven Access.PLUS functionality  

More than 15 pharmaceutical companies and Australian healthcare organisations have already benefited from the Access.PLUS functionality, which includes:  


  • Self-Detailing: Nationwide opt-in self-detailing at less cost than face-to-face.  
  • Lead generation: Event signups, website registration, rep bookings or sample requests  
  • Client dashboard: The ability to track and optimise campaigns using real-time insights  
  • Live chat: Text chat, video detailing and ability to schedule MSL calls.  
  • Prescription behaviour tracking: Dynamic cohort tracking and script writing behaviour change vs. nationwide (Nostra).  
  • No geographical access limitations: Access.PLUS mirrors the ADG database, enabling engagement with prescribers across metropolitan and rural Australia.  
  • Approved messaging and communication only: Clients have the ability to supply approved messaging.  
  • Always on and always adjustable: Prescribers can engage with content as and when it suits them, and clients can test, learn and adjust their content based on real-time data. 

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