Key Successes

  • eDM delivered to > 25,000 GPs
  • 11,956 GPs viewed brand message
  • Speed to market, engaging doctors in less than 48-hours from campaign sign-off
  • Cost per eDM open = $1.50

The Problem to Solve

A leading prescription brand had lost market share following negative publicity. With local key opinion leaders questioning the brand’s efficacy, both medical and consumer media were running hard with the story – eroding prescriber and patient trust. The client needed a powerful tool to support its omnichannel response and quickly turn this around.

“We went with the AusDoc solus eDM because it enabled us to quickly send a dedicated product message to more than 25K GPs that we would otherwise not have had access to.

We were able to communicate our message in a short timeframe, reaching a wider national audience than ever before. This created a greater understanding of our drug and has led to more doctors prescribing it to their patients.”

Pharma Brand Manager, Sydney


The Solution

The ADG team offered the client a solus eDM as a simple big-bang solution to counter the negative publicity. The client was able to reach a large audience of prescribers with a single send in less than 48-hours. In addition, the solus eDM format provided a large open canvas for the client to creatively present its key selling messages.


Per eDM view


GP views


Pharmacist views

The eDM played a key role in an omnichannel strategy. Other elements include a field force, display advertising and a powerful content marketing campaign across AusDoc that included both Independent Sponsored Content and Native Promoted Content.


Solus eDMs are a new addition to the AusDoc offering. In a brief period, they have made their mark with 10,000+ GP opens per send and a cost per GP view of less than $2.

The solus eDM in this case study featured an advertorial-style solution. It is noteworthy, however, that engagement has been at similar levels across fully branded and educational-style executions.

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