The Problem to Solve

Updated guidelines recommend the client’s product class as a second-line treatment for type 2 diabetes. However, a significant sub-section of GPs were unfamiliar with the guidelines and lacked the confidence to initiate the medication. 

The client wanted to tap into ADG’s large opted-in GP database to target specific audience segments with an always-on campaign designed to educate GPs about the product and build their confidence to initiate prescriptions.  

The targeted segments were: 

  • Hesitators – who lacked knowledge about the drug class and the confidence to initiate an injectable medication, 
  • Trialists – who had some knowledge of the class but were yet to initiate the medication, 
  • Potential expanders – who had used the client’s product, but only for a narrow group of patients and less proactively than recommended by the guidelines. 


The ADG commercial content team brainstormed solutions with the client and developed a program to provide KOL-supported, evidence-based information via an always-on smart digital self-detailing service (Access.PLUS).  

The highly engaging content promoted the product’s specific benefits, encouraged GPs to follow the guidelines and gave them the confidence to initiate prescriptions. Outputs included: 

  • Always-on self-detailing via an Access.PLUS digital rep subscription  
  • Content distributed via AusDoc eNewsletters 
  • AusDoc CPD-accredited webinar  
  • Rep.CONNECT, an ADG tool that enables GPs to connect with pharmaceutical sales representatives to request samples, schedule a call or even request a face-to-face visit.

The Result


Detail clicks (over delivering +39% to target)


Of engagements occurred after standard GP working hours


Click through to client’s website


Webinar registrations


This study shows how Access.PLUS can target specific audience segments with always-on educational and promotional content designed to build prescriber confidence and overcome barriers to medication initiation. 

With almost 50% of GP engagements after hours on weekdays and 15% over weekends, the campaign illustrates the effectiveness of a 24/7 self-detailing service and GPs’ eagerness to engage with detailers at a time and place that suits them. 

Successes include engagement that was 39% ahead of target, effective targeting of the three identified GP segments and ability to reach GPs outside of pharma reps’ usual working hours.

Crucial elements of success

  • Clearly defined problem to solve 
  • Valuable information that GPs can immediately apply in their clinic 
  • Always-on detailing to suit GPs’ busy schedule 
  • AusDoc ability to identify and target audience segments 
  • Highly engaged digital audience on AusDoc

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