The Problem to Solve

On average, patients with mitochondrial disease (mito) see more than eight different doctors before diagnosis. The problem is that mito often presents as vague symptoms that can look like many other diseases.

1. Since GPs are the first health professionals consulted in almost half of cases, the goal of the campaign was to improve the speed-to-diagnosis of mito through education of GPs.

2. The client also wanted to quantify the campaign’s success: ADG had to find a way to identify knowledge gaps and then find ways to bridge those gaps.

3. Finally, the client wanted a mechanism to regularly re-assess GP awareness of mito as the campaign progressed.


To identify knowledge gaps, ADG ran a quantitative insight survey, distributed to the entire AusDoc GP network. This established the baseline knowledge level, which was found to be very low.

To educate, ADG worked with a partner agency to design an engaging CPD accredited education module based on the data-driven insights from the GP survey.

This was augmented by a content-led marketing campaign that included an informative infographic, video and case study that was distributed to the AusDoc audience through eDMs, sponsored content in newsletters and digital display to ensure the key messages were seen and read by the audience.

To assess, ADG continued publishing regular insights surveys to compare users who had received education with those who had not. This enabled ADG to refine and update the education module to meet the real-world needs of GPs.

The Results


Increase in GPs who felt confident identifying the clinical features suggestive of mito


Increase in GPs who felt confident describing the investigations that are helpful in diagnosing mito


Increase in GPs who felt confident identifying a referral pathway for a patient with suspected mito

Toni Catton Mito

Client Testimonial

We have worked with ADG on this project for three years and during that time we have created a strong partnership… In response to the data we receive quarterly, we continue to refine the education module which has improved the rate of engagement. The interaction has been highly collaborative and informative, supporting evidence-based decision-making.

This is particularly important…as we look to make investment decisions that will have the most impact on improving the lives of people impacted by mitochondrial disease.

Toni Catton

General Manager, Mito Foundation

The Outcome

Combined with content-led initiatives, data and insights from nearly 600 GPs were acquired for a much lower cost than standard market research. The surveys were continually run across the AusDoc platform to capture insights at regular intervals, arming the Mito Foundation with valuable insights to optimise its communication campaigns and respond effectively to GPs’ learning needs.

Crucial elements of success

  • Strong collaboration between ADG and the client.
  • Regular surveying of the target audience using ADG Insights Surveys.
  • Distribution of surveys across different channels to compare users who had received education with those who had not.
  • A range of sponsored content pieces distributed in AusDoc publications to educate GPs about mito and encourage the audience to complete the education module.
  • Ability to refine and update the education module to suit the needs of GPs.

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