The Problem to Solve

The aim of this project was to increase quality use of pathology by GPs and other health care professionals and reduce inappropriate pathology testing. It was essential to reach as many doctors as possible over the entire Australian geographical area.


The ADG’s commercial content team worked with the college to design an engaging multi-channel educational program directed by insights from an ADG GP survey. The survey revealed 10 topics that GPs identified as important in their everyday practice.

The Common Sense Pathology program included a wide-ranging selection of evidence-based articles as well as an educational module that gave GPs an opportunity to earn CPD points while expanding their knowledge.

As the topics being covered were broad and complex, the team decided to run the project over a four-year period.

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The Results


GP responses to insights survey to inform campaign


HCP sponsored content views


Increase in engagement compared with average


CPD module engagements in the first 5-months of launching


CPD satisfaction rate among GPs


The high level of GP engagement with this program shows the benefit of long-term project with a clear and consistent message. It is also an example of how an Insights survey sets a project up for success by helping clients to align their messaging to the questions that need answering.

Crucial elements of success

  • Close collaboration between the client and the ADG team
  • An investment in GP insights
  • Multichannel strategy; content marketing and CPD education
  • Engaging information that GPs can apply in the clinic
  • Highly engaged digital audience on AusDoc.

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