The seismic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic triggered the pharmaceutical sector into an accelerated adoption of digital communication solutions, revealing the vast and yet mostly untapped potential for greater doctor engagement. 

As pharmaceutical marketers continue to engage doctors with COVID-19-inspired investments in digital channels, questions are emerging about the best ways that the proliferation of microsites, email technology and other digital solutions can add value in the long term. 

While there are many studies about the power of omnichannel strategies from the point of view of the pharmaceutical industry, far less is known about doctor attitudes to these new strategies and how they are helping to support quality use of medicines, brand equity and sales. 

As the voice of Australian doctors, AusDoc has stepped in to fill the gap with the following actionable insights from our readers. Read on for perspectives about how doctor-first omnichannel strategies can add value to patients, prescribers and pharmaceutical companies.

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