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COVID-19: Is it time for governments to start a conversation with GPs?

As Australia enters a new phase of its COVID-19 journey, governments have an increasing opportunity to engage in a two-way conversation with GPs; not only about the virus itself but also about ensuring their patients don’t ignore their general health during the pandemic.  GPs are generally satisfied with the COVID-19 information they have received up to now, according to a survey of AusDoc.PLUS readers1. But a big gripe is that different information sources

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Pharma’s role in the COVID-19 crisis goes beyond new tests and treatments

Two weeks ago, on 17 March, as governments around the world began closing borders, a flight arrived at Sydney airport from the US. On board was the first consignment of thousands of new COVID-19 diagnostic testing kits that had been developed by Roche Diagnostics within weeks of the outbreak in Wuhan, China. Their arrival was

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Telehealth and quality care: How COVID-19 is rapidly changing the GP landscape

GP practices across Australia are rising to the challenge of COVID-19. By far, the most widely read Australian Doctor article this week is a Quick Guide to Medicare funding for telehealth consultations. A close second is a recent article that that discusses the impact of the pandemic on day-to-day practice. Other articles and reader comments

10 Reasons Your Content Marketing Needs A Journalist

10 reasons your content marketing needs a journalist

As the lines between journalism and marketing continue to blur, it would be rare these days to find a content marketing agency without at least one journalist on the team. Journalists bring an editorial approach to building a brand. Here’s why that’s important:

Is Cancer The Future Of Pharma.

Is cancer the future of pharma?

A healthy pipeline feeds a changing treatment landscape A record number of oncology drugs was launched in 2018 with a global report recording 15 new cancer drugs for 17 indications last year. In fact, over the past five years oncology treatments appear to have taken centre stage for the pharmaceutical industry. Some 57 oncology therapies for 89

Pharma Embraces New Digital Sales Channel

Pharma embraces new digital sales channel

Leading healthcare media company Australian Doctor Group (ADG) announced today that its new digital sales channel, AccessPlus has “exceeded expectations” with 12 brands signed-on to the platform across a range of therapeutic areas, including respiratory, diabetes, weight loss, dermatology, smoking cessation, female sexual health, mental health, and oncology. Launched late last year, AccessPlus is a

Is Authenticity A Meaningless

Is authenticity a meaningless buzzword or an essential element of marketing?

An authentic, trustworthy voice has never been more important than now, with audiences being bombarded with fake news and clickbait marketing messages. That’s the view of strategic marketer and communicator Briana Young. Clickbait has had its day, she says, and audiences are demanding content marketing with an authentic voice. “People are motivated by trust and

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National survey reveals GPs’ reading habits

GPs may be more digitally engaged than ever before but they still like reading their medical news the old-fashioned way. The continuing relevance of print to GPs is highlighted in new industry research that also shows where digital sits in their world. The survey, commissioned annually by Medical Publishers of Australia, quizzed almost 1000 GPs

Independent Research Shows Gps

Independent research shows GPs are seeing fewer reps than ever before

The number of Australian GPs who see pharmaceutical sales reps is falling fast and has hit a record low, according to the latest independent industry research. Four in every 10 GPs now say they don’t see reps, up from three in 10 just five years ago, according to an annual survey of GPs undertaken on

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Why you should focus on your story, not your data

“Storytelling without data is fluff. Data without storytelling is forgettable. Data with storytelling is epic.” That digestible soundbite comes from Paul Petrone, Editor in Chief of the LinkedIn Learning blog. In an interview with LinkedIn content marketing writer Alexandra Rynne, he says marketers should strive to tell authentic real-life stories rather than merely using data to

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How GSK used content to reach 3541 GPs in under 8 weeks

An inside story about how one pharma company used content marketing to reach GPs at very low cost. What was GSK trying to achieve? According to GSK’s research, more than 30% of Australians travel overseas annually, but many – including doctors – underestimate hepatitis risk. Only 40% of travellers seek pre-travel health advice from their