With over 82% of GPs[1] and 90% of pharma sales reps, adg Rep Connect will soon become the largest and most powerful communications platform for doctors and pharmaceutical sales representatives wishing to communicate with each other.

To continue to support doctors with getting access to the information they need, we are making some new changes on AusDoc that will provide doctors with better and more timely access to pharmaceutical experts.

In a recent survey, 67% of GPs said that they would be interested in an aggregated directory of all pharmaceutical sales representatives that they could directly contact virtually (e.g., email, phone, video conferencing and live chat) or request a face-to-face visit.[2]

Through AusDoc, doctors can already search and connect with peers, specialists and KOLs and even message them directly using our end-to-end encrypted messaging system. However, soon they will be able to do the same with pharma sales reps and MSLs.

This means doctors can proactively search, connect and communicate with the right industry expert when they want, something that is virtually impossible in the physical world.


[1] ADG – Registered AusDoc GPs Nov 2022; AHPRA Dataset + AMA.

[2] Information sources for GPs in the new COVID world; ADG Survey, November 2020, n= 296. Q20: “How interested would you be if you could access an aggregated directory of all pharmaceutical sales representatives that you could either directly contact virtually or request a visit from?”