June 2024 Edition

Which independent healthcare publication really has the largest and most engaged audience in Australia?

Overall Traffic and Engagement – Australian independent healthcare publications

AusDoc has the biggest amount of monthly visits among independent healthcare publications in Australia, 158% larger than Medicine Today and 280% greater than The Medical Republic.

Driven by its comprehensive coverage of the Australian healthcare industry with up-to-date news, expert analysis, and diverse content, AusDoc caters to a wide audience of Australian doctors and other healthcare professionals, making it a daily go-to source for information.

Total website visits:

AusDoc maintains the largest amount of monthly visits, 158% larger than Medicine Today and 280% greater than the Medical Republic.

Medical Publishers Size

Total website engagement:

  • It’s a similar story for monthly website engagement, with AusDoc readers spending more time on site reading more pages of valued content versus the other publications.
  • AusDoc ‘visit duration’ is 208% larger than Medicine Today and 159% greater than the limbic.
  • AusDoc ‘pages per visit’ is 39% larger than Medicine Today and 31% greater than the Medical Republic.

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