With over 82% of GPs and 61K prescribers, AusDoc is the #1 community platform for the Australian Healthcare Industry

Our mission is to provide leading digital HCP engagement solutions for pharmaceutical companies that enable and empower all doctors to provide better informed and more effective healthcare solutions to help Australians live healthier, longer lives.

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The largest commercially addressable medical audience in Australia

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On demand omnichannel sales and marketing engagement solutions for HCPs

Discover how ADG’s digital marketing engagement solutions enable the pharmaceutical industry to deliver meaningful HCP engagement. Our true omnichannel solutions integrate digital self-detailing, lead generation and face-to-face engagements.

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Solving your challenges

ADG’s technologies deliver real opportunities for pharmaceutical products and companies by combining your most powerful sales and digital marketing assets to increase your HCP touch points by x6 and turn them into sales leads.

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Build brands & create awareness

  • Rich brand display
  • Product hooks
  • Press release publication
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Drive 24/7 digital HCP engagement nationwide

  • Self-detailing
  • Product microsites
  • Independent content
  • Self-directed education
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Generate HCP leads

  • Qualified leads for your sales reps
  • Consent management
  • Build your HCP database
  • Facilitate virtual and face-to-face meetings and events
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Doctor appointment reminders

  • Rep appointments
  • Sample orders
  • Event registrations


Australia’s #1 self-detailing platform for doctors

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  • Engage 60,847 AHPRA-verified prescribers on AusDoc with Access.PLUS, Australian Doctor Group’s real-time digital communication platform service.
  • Increase your customer touch points by x 6 and turn them into sales leads.
  • Learn how you can deliver real opportunities for your customer-facing teams by combining your sales and digital marketing assets.

What is Access.PLUS and how can it help?

Increase HCP engagement and generate leads for your reps

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Nationwide Reach

Access.PLUS is Australia’s leading self-detailing platform with an AHPRA verified subscriber base of over 60,847 prescribers

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Always-On 24/7

Available 24/7 – 365 for Doctors to access pharma information whenever and wherever best suits them.

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Doctor Lead Generation

Generate doctor leads for your reps and increase call volumes.

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We collaborate with brands and marketing teams to understand their objectives, building customised and relevant content that drives HCP engagement and targeted results.


Digital Marketing for Pharma Companies

A survey of almost 400 GPs conducted by ADG on their contact with pharmaceutical field staff early in the pandemic, found a significant drop in face-to-face engagement.

This industry whitepaper, ‘How a GP initiated engagement model could be the way forward for the pharmaceutical industry’ shows that through the adoption of new technologies and by accepting greater GP input into when and how engagements take place, pharmaceutical company support and eduction will remain as relevant and important as ever to GPs.

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Digital marketing tips and insights with Inside Healthcare

Read the latest trends in digital marketing and strategies for pharmaceutical companies on how to successfully achieve HCP engagement along with the latest insights, case studies, news and opinions.

Case Studies

Stay up-to-date on the latest in healthcare and pharmaceutical marketing with the Inside Healthcare newsletter.

News & Insights

Jun 17, 2024

NEW Industry and Traffic Monthly Report – Powered by Similarweb data

AusDoc has the biggest amount of monthly visits among independent healthcare publications in Australia

Nov 22, 2023

GPs vote AusDoc #1 in Print, Online & Newsletters

GP Readership Survey of Independent Australian Medical Publications (November 2023) A survey of more than 330 Australian GPs has once again confirmed the reach and.

Sep 6, 2022

Discover better with the new AusDoc community platform

AusDoc has become a whole lot better.   We are evolving into a community platform, allowing doctors to connect with their colleagues across the medical profession.

Dec 8, 2021

ADG & RxTro Partner to support doctors with better access to the information they need

With over 82% of GPs[1] and 90% of pharma sales reps, adg Rep Connect will soon become the largest and most powerful communications platform for.

Mar 13, 2020

ADG’s response to COVID-19

With news COVID-19 is now a pandemic, we understand businesses are, and will, face many challenges and increasing uncertainty in the coming weeks and months..

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