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How life sciences organisations can help medical students shift from science to clinical practice

Being a member of the academic elite doesn’t necessarily make a good doctor, an AusDoc survey has revealed. From an experienced doctor’s perspective, high-achieving academics can face problems in practice. “Almost only the academic elite enter the system. This doesn’t necessarily make the best doctors…they are not used to failure and uncertainty and the hospital,


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An expert’s roadmap to post-COVID and what it means for Pharma

COVID-19 modelling expert explains why it’s going to be trickier than many people think to vaccinate ourselves out of Delta Even as vaccination rates rise across Australia, it is unlikely that risk-averse medical practices will be allowing pharmaceutical reps to engage in face-to-face visits any time soon. So how can new digital GTM channels help to close this gap?  The only certainty


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5 ways Pharma can help registrars to succeed

Research study reveals GP registrars carry heavy burden of responsibility without life experience to rely on, and tools pharma can use to help GP registrars are under such stress that they are seeking out peers and crowd support to help them feel more confident in their jobs, an AusDoc survey has revealed. The Project Pathway


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6 key messages you should prioritise when talking to GPs about your product

Research study shows how to better support and educate this crucial market GPs are expected to stay up-to-date with the constant changes in medicine yet, with the myriad information available, they must still navigate and interrogate multiple sources to find what they need.  This information overload takes time away from the main source of GPs’ job


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5 key insights to better understand and engage with medical students

Survey uncovers what medical students need and how best to connect with them Helping medical students to succeed in their studies is a key factor in getting their attention, a recent ADG survey* has found.  The survey, conducted in February 2021, asked students in their final two years of study about the tensions they face and what they need


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Achieving meaningful HCP reappraisal without field support

A chronic insomnia brand tasked ADG to help them challenge the way GPs think about the diagnosis and treatment of insomnia and to drive the launch of new science (a sleep/wake system) and treatment options. Within the first two weeks of launch 1,740 GPs had viewed the brand eDetails.