Adg’s Digital Mastheads Merge

ADG’s digital mastheads merge

The country’s number one healthcare media company, Australian Doctor Group, announced today the launch of AusDoc.PLUS, the largest and most comprehensive medical news and education website for doctors and healthcare professionals. Showcasing ADG’s award winning mastheads, AusDoc.PLUS is the new digital destination for Australian Doctor, Medical Observer, How to Treat, 6minutes, Specialist Updates and Pharmacy News. ADG’s 75,000-strong subscriber base of highly engaged


Adg Cements Top Spot In Gp Reach

ADG cements top spot in GP reach

Australian Doctor Group has been confirmed as the country’s number one means of accessing GPs, with the latest industry research showing unmatched reach and engagement — particularly among the highest prescribers. More than 85% of GPs engage with the network every month across print and digital, according to the Medical Publishers Association’s 2018 readership survey — a figure made


Is Authenticity A Meaningless

Is authenticity a meaningless buzzword or an essential element of marketing?

An authentic, trustworthy voice has never been more important than now, with audiences being bombarded with fake news and clickbait marketing messages. That’s the view of strategic marketer and communicator Briana Young. Clickbait has had its day, she says, and audiences are demanding content marketing with an authentic voice. “People are motivated by trust and


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National survey reveals GPs’ reading habits

GPs may be more digitally engaged than ever before but they still like reading their medical news the old-fashioned way. The continuing relevance of print to GPs is highlighted in new industry research that also shows where digital sits in their world. The survey, commissioned annually by Medical Publishers of Australia, quizzed almost 1000 GPs


Adg Launches New Digital Sales Channel

ADG launches new digital sales channel

At last night’s prestigious PRIME Awards, leading healthcare media company, Australian Doctor Group, announced the launch of AccessPLUS, a bespoke digital sales channel for the pharmaceutical industry. AccessPLUS facilitates branded sales material to run across ADG's digital network including Australian Doctor, Medical Observer, How to Treat, 6minutes, Specialist Updates and Pharmacy News. The group now boasts a


Look Who Has Had A Make Over

Look who has had a make over

Australian Doctor landed on GPs’ desks this month with a sharp new look at a time when medical publishers are gearing up for the annual GP readership survey. In this Q&A, Australian Doctor Group editor-in-chief Jo Hartley shares some insights into the relaunch, and why print is bucking global media trends and remains relevant at


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Why you should focus on your story, not your data

“Storytelling without data is fluff. Data without storytelling is forgettable. Data with storytelling is epic.” That digestible soundbite comes from Paul Petrone, Editor in Chief of the LinkedIn Learning blog. In an interview with LinkedIn content marketing writer Alexandra Rynne, he says marketers should strive to tell authentic real-life stories rather than merely using data to


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How GSK used content to reach 3541 GPs in under 8 weeks

An inside story about how one pharma company used content marketing to reach GPs at very low cost. What was GSK trying to achieve? According to GSK’s research, more than 30% of Australians travel overseas annually, but many – including doctors – underestimate hepatitis risk. Only 40% of travellers seek pre-travel health advice from their


Is Apple Watch’s New Ecg Feature

Is Apple Watch’s new ECG feature a help or a hinderance?

Apple has hailed its newest watch-cum-heart monitor as a game changer but concerns have been raised about its usefulness as a medical device. The innovative tech giant has announced that the US version of its Apple Watch Series 4 includes a built-in electrocardiogram (ECG) and heart rhythm monitor. While portable ECGs are nothing new, this